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Press Release (Dansk)

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The record label for forward-thinking music Don’t Look Back Presents its first event, which will take place in Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen. A whole evening worth of music with an eclectic line-up, that lives up to the quality and diversity of the Copenhagen scene beyond genres and artistic boundaries. Don’t Look Back Presents is packed with two album premieres and a DJ set, where one can expect anything from electroacoustic drones, unconvetional instrumental techniques, field-recordings, multimedia performances, experimental electronica and techno.

DLB%201 1%20info

The acclaimed composer and double bassist Bára Gisladóttir will premiere her new solo album "SILVA" (Sono Luminus / ESP-disk). Bára´s unique approach to sound as a “living being” plays with the audience’s perception of time and its linearity. Her music has been described as “monolithic and elastic, dark and luminous, purpouseful and daydreaming, triumphant and sad”.

haknam is an artist collective consisting of performers Fei Nie, Lorenzo Colombo, and composer Xavier Bonfill. The group is dedidcated to researching new forms for interactivity in electronic music and multimedia performance. On the festival they will premiere their first album "(the-whole.picture)" (Don't Look Back Records) in its final version, with an immersive, audiovisual set. “(the.whole.picture)” has been described as a piece that “alternates between almost chaotic episodes and the quietly lyrical, with strong vocally based poetic moments".

The evening finishes with GÆO, who will turn the concert venue into a dancehall with his DJ-set. GÆO has sat behind the decks in Culture Box and Distortion Festival, amongst others, with his pulsating beats, ambient atmospheres and strong melodies.

Don’t Look Back Presents aims to gather enthusiasts from different corners of the experimental Danish scene. We strongly believe that forward-thinking artists, that work with music and sound in different ways, and that come from either classical, rhythmical, soundart and multimedia art backgrounds have a lot in common. Yet the audiences from these niche genres seem to be isolated from one another. Don't Look Back aims to tackle this by offering an open platform where everyone can meet, share experiences and develop new ideas. We also believe that cultural events have a social dimension, and that there must be room for both “deep-listening”, meaningful conversations, dance and partying, all during the same event.